Strolling in Shanghai – Tianzifang

Strolling in Shanghai – Tianzifang

I went to Tianzifang. The old Shikumen was full of commercial atmosphere and people were moving. I walked through it, but I lost my way several times. In the New Year, all the Internet celebrity attractions in Shanghai are glowing, and the streets are full of young people. After filming Tianzifang, I walked to Xintiandi to take a look. I wanted to record the scene at that moment. The equipment is out of power, so I have to take a look. Compared with Tianzifang, Xintiandi is more fashionable. A warm atmosphere, happy new year! A good year is coming! I also wish my friends good health and good luck in the new year!

Tianzifang or Tianzi Fang is a touristic arts and crafts enclave that has developed from a renovated traditional residential area in the French Concession area of Shanghai. It is now home to boutique shops, bars and restaurants.

Shikumen is a traditional Shanghainese architectural style that first appeared in the 1860s. At the height of their popularity, there were 9000 shikumen-style buildings in Shanghai.

Video Source: 【4K】2019年最后一夜的田子坊Tianzifang\漫步在上海\Strolliong in Shanghai from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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