Spiaggia Cala Sa Figu & Portu de S’Ilixi – Sardinia, Italy

Spiaggia Cala Sa Figu & Portu de S’Ilixi – Sardinia, Italy

Cala Sa Figu Beach (Spiaggia Cala Sa Figu) and Portu de S’Ilixi Beach (Spiaggia di Portu de S’Ilixi), bordering each other, are located on the southeastern coast of Sardinia, Italy.

The beaches are separated from each other by a rocky promontory that plunges steeply into the sea.

On the beach of Cala Sa Figu the sand is coarse-grained, characterized by very fine pebbles and the presence of numerous shells. It turns out to be surrounded by a rocky ridge covered with Mediterranean scrub, while on the left it ends in a large cliff.

The sea is characterized by beautiful colors tending to deep green, with a predominantly sandy bottom. Beach sheltered from the wind and never overcrowded.

It is a destination for surfers, as further offshore it is possible to take advantage of the wind that blows in the area and ripples the waves.

Portu de S’Ilixi, on the other hand, is a small cove with white/golden-colored, medium-grained sand and compared to Cala Sa Figu, being smaller, is more sheltered.

Due to the variety of coastline it is great for snorkeling.

Video Source: Cala Sa Figu e Portu de s’Illixi (Muravera – Sardinia) aerial drone from Simon Ska on Youtube  CC BY

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