Shanghai Walk – Weihai Road to Shanghai Exhibition Center

Shanghai Walk – Weihai Road to Shanghai Exhibition Center

In this video, we will walk along Weihai Road to Yan’an Middle Road in the center of Shanghai. Then, we will walk along Yan’an Middle Road past the Shanghai Exhibition Centre and continue our walk.

Weihai Road (威海路) is an east-west road in Huangpu District of Shanghai. The road starts from Huangpi North Road in the east and ends at Yan’an Middle Road in the west, with a total length of 1,740 meters. The road was built in 1901.

Shanghai Exhibition Center (上海展览中心) is an exhibition and convention centre in central Shanghai. The building was built in 1955 and is a major landmark of the city. At 110.4 metres (to the top of spire), it was for decades (1955–1988) the tallest building in Shanghai.

Its main frontage, an open quadrangle with an elaborate central tower, faces Yan’an Road, today the main east–west artery across central Shanghai. The second facade of the building is a colonnade that faces West Nanjing Road, one of the premier retail and commercial streets of the city.

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