Shanghai Street Scene – Business District

This video was taken on the evening of the second day of the Spring Festival. I went to the business district nearest to my home and wanted to know the situation there. When I went out to shoot, it was around 19:00. According to the holidays, this point, the business district It should be a peak of crowds and crowds, but due to coronary pneumonia in Wuhan, the streets are empty and most of the malls are closed. I went to the largest mall in the business district. The gates were closed and it was only 19:00. At 40 minutes, the continuous heavy rain in Shanghai cast a shadow over the city, and then the wet ground reflected the colorful light, which made people look forward to the sunshine of tomorrow, …

Video Source: 武汉疫情下的上海副商业中心Shanghai Deputy Commercial Center in Wuhan\上海街景\ Shanghai street scene from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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