Sa Spendula Waterfall View – Villacidro, Sardinia, Italy

Sa Spendula Waterfall View – Villacidro, Sardinia, Italy

Sa Spendula (Cascata di Sa Spendula) is a waterfall located in the Sardinian municipality of Villacidro, in the province of South Sardinia, Italy.

The waterfall сonsisting of three jumps, totaling about 60 meters, and it is formed by the Coxinas stream. The last leap, of about 30 meters, breaks thunderously over granite rocks and then plummets inside a gorge dominated by a spire called Campanas de Sisinni Conti.

It is a popular destination in the summertime because the waterfall is close to the town center and in close proximity to a recreation park.

Like all waterfalls on the island of Sardinia and fed by torrential streams, this waterfall is best admired only in the fall and spring.

During his stay on Sardinian soil Gabriele D’Annunzio was so fascinated by this waterfall that he dedicated a poem to it entitled Sa Spendula.

General Gabriele D’Annunzio, Prince of Montenevoso, sometimes written d’Annunzio, was an Italian poet, playwright, orator, journalist, aristocrat, and Royal Italian Army officer during World War I.

He occupied a prominent place in Italian literature from 1889 to 1910 and later political life from 1914 to 1924.

Video Source: Cascata Sa Spendula (Villacidro – Sardinia) aerial drone from Simon Ska on Youtube  CC BY

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