Plain Flowerpecker Feeds Her Chicks

Plain Flowerpecker Feeds Her Chicks

The plain flowerpecker is a bird in the family Dicaeidae.

8 cm in length, it is the smallest bird in Taiwan. Iris dark brown. Mouth black, mouth base grey.

Feet black and blue. The adult bird’s, forehead base, and eyebrow lines are light gray green and white, with gray olive green on the head and back, dark fine markings on the head, and slightly lighter coverts on the waist and tail. Tail dark brown.

The abdomen is gray-white, the ventral side is slightly yellow, the tail is short, and the tail coverts are white.

Juveniles have lighter plumage, orange bills, and grey-black feet.

India, South China, Southeast Asia, Taiwan.

Video Source: 綠啄花-育雛/Plain Flowerpecker-Feeding chicks from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY

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