Oriental Reed Warbler – Natural Bird Sound

Oriental Reed Warbler – Natural Bird Sound

The Oriental reed warbler is a passerine bird of eastern Asia belonging to the reed warbler genus Acrocephalus.

It was formerly classified as a subspecies of the great reed warbler of the western Palearctic.

It is a large warbler, 18–20 cm long with a wingspan of 23–26 cm. The plumage is brown above with a paler rump and whitish tips to the tail feathers. The underparts are whitish below, browner on the flanks and undertail-coverts. There are narrow greyish streaks on the throat and breast.

It has a dark eyestripe and a whitish stripe above the eye. The fairly long, heavy bill is brownish above and pink below with a bright orange gape. The feet are grey.

It is slightly smaller, slenderer and shorter-winged than the great reed warbler. Its tail is shorter and more square-ended than that of the clamorous reed warbler (A. stentoreus) and it has a slightly longer primary projection and a slightly shorter and thicker bill. The pale tip to the tail separates it from both species.

The song is a mixture of warbling phrases and guttural, croaking notes. It is given from a prominent perch such as the top of a reed stem or bush. The bird also has a loud, harsh chack call.

The breeding range covers southern Siberia, Mongolia, northern, central and eastern China, Korea and Japan.

It winters in north-east India and across South-east Asia to the Philippines and Indonesia, occasionally reaching New Guinea and Australia.

Video Source: 東方大葦鶯/Oriental Reed Warbler from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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