Norwegian Flight – Stavanger Airport to Sogndal Airport

Norwegian Flight – Stavanger Airport to Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen

From Stavanger we fly in northeastern direction over the Folgefonna National Park and the Hardangerfjord to the Sognefjord. At the eastern end of the fjord is the airport Sogndal, which is located on a mountain slope. A great airport, but just as lonely as the landscape that surrounds it.

Folgefonna National Park is a 545.2-square-kilometre national park in Vestland county, Norway. The park is located on the Folgefonna peninsula and it spans the municipalities of Kvinnherad, Etne, and Ullensvang. The national park was opened by Queen Sonja on 14 May 2005.

Hardangerfjord is a second-longest fjord in Norway at 111 mi.

Sognefjord is a picturesque, tranquil fjord with cruises amid forests & waterfalls.

Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen is a regional airport serving Sogndal Municipality and the surrounding area in Vestland, Norway. It is situated at Haukåsen, 10 kilometers from Kaupanger and 20 kilometers from Sogndalsfjøra. It serves the whole Sogn district. The airport consists of a 1,180-meter runway.

Video Source: Flug von Stavanger über den Hardangerfjord und Sognefjord nach Sogndal 5(8) from DHOntour on YoutubeCC BY

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