Northern Harrier – Natural Bird Sound

Northern Harrier – Natural Bird Sound

The northern harrier, or ring-tailed hawk, is a bird of prey.

The body length is 43 to 54 cm. Iris yellow. Mouth black, base yellow. Feet yellow.

The male face, head, neck, back and tail are gray, the waist is white, and the primary flight feathers are black. Upper chest gray, lower chest, upper tail coverts, and lower tail coverts white.

The whole body plumage of the female bird is roughly brown, with dark brown longitudinal spots on the head, white around the eyes, and small white markings on the face plate.

The upper wing coverts have a light brown edge, and the lower wing coverts have 3 thick black horizontal bands. Abdomen pale yellowish brown, with dark brown longitudinal spots, lower abdomen to undertail coverts with heart-shaped patches. The tail feathers have 4 black horizontal bands with the widest black band at the end.

The northern harrier breeds throughout the northern parts of the northern hemisphere in Canada, the northernmost United States, and northern Eurasia.

In winter, they migrate to the southernmost United States, Mexico, Central America, North Africa, southern China, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other places.

Video Source: 灰澤鵟/Northern Harrier from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY

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