Night Walk in Shanghai – Laomatou

Night Walk in Shanghai – Laomatou

Laomatou or Old Pier (老码头) is located in Huangpu District, Shanghai. Foreign name: The Cool Docks.

The Old Pier was originally the site of the Sixteen Shops, where many legends were told of the great men of Shanghai in the 1930s.

2007 saw the transformation of the former grease factory into the Old Pier, then a landmark of Shanghai, and a comprehensive venue for fashion, art and culture, with visitors from overseas coming here to visit.

The planning of the Old Pier is somewhat like Xintiandi, but with a different style from Xintiandi.

The water square in the center of the park is unique, and the warehouses of Jingrong and Du Yuesheng are still standing by the Huangpu River at the riverfront.

The old pier was very hot at the beginning of its opening and was crowded every night, while today, the park is cold and depressed.

Huangpu District, Shanghai

Video Source:【4K】Shanghai Travel曾经是上海滩大佬们搞事情的地方 后成为上海地标性景点 现在冷冷清清 \ Z6ii from WuWa Vision on Youtube CC BY

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