Little Ringed Plover and its Feeding Chick

Little Ringed Plover and its Feeding Chick

The little ringed plover is a small plover.

The genus name Charadrius is a Late Latin word for a yellowish bird mentioned in the fourth-century Vulgate. It derives from Ancient Greek kharadrios a bird found in river valleys.

The body length is 14-17 cm. The iris is dark brown, and the eye rims are golden. The mouth is short, black, with orange flesh on the underside of the mouth. Feet yellow.

The male breeding feathers have a white forehead, with a black horizontal band on the upper edge of the forehead connecting with a black eye line, a white eyebrow line extending to the top of the head, and black ear feathers.

The throat and neck ring are white, and there is a black wide chest strap under the neck ring extending to the upper back. The chest and abdomen are white. The back of the head, the back, and the tail feathers are gray-brown, and the outer tail feathers are white.

Non-breeding feathers forehead, eyeliner, and chest girdle fade from black to dark brown, and golden-yellow eye rims are relatively inconspicuous.

The female bird is similar to the male bird, but the feathers are grayish, the ear feathers are dark brown, and the black parts of the forehead, eyeliner, and breast girdle are narrower and lighter.

The sub-adult resembles a female, but the bill is almost entirely black, the forehead has no black horizontal band, the eyeliner and the breast band are dark brown, and the back has a light feathered edge.

Eurasia, Africa, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Taiwan.

Video Source: 小環頸鴴-育雛/Little Ringed Plover-Feeding Chick from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY

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