Little Bunting Bathing

Little Bunting Bathing

The little bunting is a passerine bird belonging to the bunting family.

Body length 13 cm. Iris dark brown, eye circles white. Mouth gray-brown, with black-brown upper tip and apex. Feet brown.

The male breeding feathers are red chestnut on the head and cheeks, black on the lateral line of the head and the trailing edge of the ear feathers, the back is roughly gray-brown with dark brown vertical stripes, and the tail feathers are dark brown.

The upper part of the chin and throat is light reddish brown, the lower part of the abdomen is reddish white, and the chest and flanks have black longitudinal stripes. Male non-breeding feathers and female feathers are lighter in color, without black head and lateral line.

Northern Europe, Russia, Japan, Korean Peninsula, India, China, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other places.

Video Source: 小鵐/Little Bunting from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY