Landscape-scale Project for Birds – Victoria, Australia

Landscape-scale Project for Birds – Victoria, Australia

The Bush for Birds project is a $5 million, 5-year landscape-scale project in north east Victoria in southeastern Australia.

This project aims to restore and replace vital woodland habitat for the Regent honeyeater and Swift parrot, two nationally threatened woodland bird species.

The regent honeyeater is a critically endangered bird endemic to southeastern Australia. It is commonly considered a flagship species within its range, with the efforts going into its conservation having positive effects on many other species that share its habitat.

The swift parrot is a species of broad-tailed parrot, found only in southeastern Australia. The species breeds in Tasmania during the summer and migrates north to south eastern mainland Australia from Griffith-Warialda in New South Wales and west to Adelaide in the winter.

It is a nomadic migrant, and it settles in an area only when there is food available.

Video Source: ASYA – Bush for Birds FINAL V1 from North East CMA on Youtube   CC BY

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