Karen Life in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand – Short Video

Karen Life in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand – Short Video

This is a short video of a day in the life of the Karen in Chiang Rai Province, located in the upper northern part of Thailand.

The term “Karens” refers to an ethnic group that resides in various countries in Southeast Asia, including Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, and other neighboring regions. In northern Thailand, the Karens are an indigenous minority group.

They have their own distinct language, culture, and traditions. The Karens in Thailand are primarily found in the mountainous areas of the region, such as Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, and Tak provinces.

We were very fortunate to spend a few days among them, harvesting rice, sharing food, learning about the jungle and how best to use it for survival. This clip is just a collection of memories, one day, in the fields, with a family, working hard to get their rice until the next season.

Video Source: Harvesting with the Karens in Chiang Rai from Makasii Productions on Youtube  CC BY

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