Kam Tin, Hong Kong – Travel Guide

Kam Tin, Hong Kong – Travel Guide

Kam Tin, or Kam Tin Heung, is an area in the New Territories, Hong Kong. It lies on a flat alluvial plain north of Tai Mo Shan mountain and east of Yuen Long town. It was formerly known as Sham Tin (岑田). Administratively, it is part of Yuen Long District.

Many of Kam Tin’s residents are from the Tang Clan, who are of the Punti culture, not Hakka as is often misattributed.

Kam Tin is the origin of the biggest indigenous Tang Clan (鄧) in Hong Kong. The ancestor of indigenous Tang, Tang Hon Fat (鄧漢黻) settled his family from Jiangxi to Sham Tin in 973.

During the reign of Wanli Emperor (1572–1620) of Ming Dynasty, Sham Tin was renamed Kam Tin.

Villages in Kam Tin include: Fung Kat Heung, Kam Hing Wai, Kam Tin Shing Mun San Tsuen, Kat Hing Wai, Ko Po Tsuen, Pak Wai Tsuen, Sha Po Tsuen, Shui Mei Tsuen, Shui Tau Tsuen, Tai Hong Wai, Tsz Tong Tsuen and Wing Lung Wai.

00:00 Intro
00:44 No. 1 Mural Village
02:49 No. 2 Red Brick House Market
05:07 No. 3 Ancient Walled Village – Kat Hing Wai
05:37 No. 4 Kok Kok Thai Restaurant
06:11 No. 5 Shipping Containers Mall – The Richfield
06:53 Bonus – Flea market outside Kam Sheung Road MTR

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