Jinqiao Biyun International Community – Riding in Shanghai

Biyun International Community is located on the west side of the Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, only a few kilometers away from Xiaolujiazui in the Shanghai Financial and Trade Zone, and is separated from the Jinqiao Processing Zone by a road.
The area of Biyun International Community is not large, but the supporting facilities are complete.
Biyun International Community is a high-quality international community known for being suitable for foreigners living in Shanghai. The community life, education, medical, sports, leisure, culture and other supporting facilities are complete. There are nearly 2000 foreign families living in Biyun International Community, about 6000 people.

Video Source:(A)金桥碧云国际社区Jinqiao Biyun International Community\上海街景\ Shanghai street scene from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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