Hozenji Buddhist Temple, Historic alleyway – Osaka, Japan

The Hozenji Temple (法善寺) is a small Buddhist temple next to the busy Dotombori Street. The temple got some fame through the novel “Meoto Zenzai” (夫婦善哉) from Sakunosuke Oda.

Built in 1637, Hozenji Temple pays homage to Fudo Myo-o. The popular moss-covered Fudo Myo-o (不動明王) statue there stands for one of the five guardians (Wisdom Kings) of Buddhism.

The temple is a great place for some minutes of inner peace. Before you leave the temple, do not forget to check out the calligraphy from Harudani Katsura (signboard at east gate) and Kambi Fujiyama (signboard at west gate).

During the 1600s, Namba and the surrounding area of Dotonbori were blossoming as a center for entertainment, with dramatic performances of kabuki and bunraku taking place throughout the district. Even the temple catered to the performing arts, with traditional rakugo storytelling and stage plays performed on site.

After paying your respects at the temple, we recommend heading to one of the restaurants in Hozenji Yokocho for lunch or dinner. Here, you will encounter quaint shops and restaurants that recall the Osaka of several centuries ago. You can enjoy traditional culture. Taste teppanyaki and other local specialties. Try modanyaki, a spinoff of Osaka’s famous savory pancakes known as okonomiyaki, at Yakizen.

Video Source: ★A little-known tourist spot★ Hozenji 法善寺, Mysterious statue, historic alleyway in Osaka insta360 from Beautiful Japan on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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