Hong Kong Tai Po Market (Authentic Local Market over 3 Floors!)

Hong Kong Tai Po Market Walking Tour. Recorded in 4k on June 2019. Highly recommended to use headphones to experience 3D surround sound. No talking or distracting captions.

Tai Po Market Info: Tai Po Market or Tai Po Hui is the name of the non-administrative area within the modern day Tai Po New Town in the Tai Po District, in the New Territories, Hong Kong. However, its exact location changed from time to time. The area was established as a market town, which closely related to the modern day residential and commercial area Tai Po Old Market (or Tai Po Kau Hui) and had some relation with the present-day area Tai Wo (Tai Wo Estate).

Tai Wo Shi (Tai Wo Market), at modern-day Fu Shin Street, was established in 1892. The market town was later known as Tai Po Hui (Tai Po Market). The street currently consisted of post-Qing dynasty buildings, except a well and a Man Mo Temple. The temple, at the heart of the Fu Shin Street, is a declared monument of Hong Kong. The former railway station of the market town was converted into Hong Kong Railway Museum in the 1980s.

The market town Tai Wo displaced the old Tai Po market town (Tang’s Tai Po Hui) as the rural town centre of the area, which also took the ownership of the name Tai Po Hui (Tai Po Market). Tai Po was one of the market towns that was selected to be expanded into a satellite town (new town) in 1972.

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