Hike in the Sonoran Desert – Tucson, Arizona, US

Hike in the Sonoran Desert – Tucson, Arizona, US

Tucson is a city and the county seat of Pima County, Arizona, United States. Tucson has so many beautiful trailheads and scenic passes all within 50 miles of the city center, making it a truly gorgeous place to see.

The Sonoran Desert is a North American desert and ecoregion that covers large parts of the southwestern United States (in Arizona and California), as well as the northwestern Mexican states of Sonora, Baja California, and Baja California Sur.

It is the hottest desert in both Mexico and the United States. It has an area of 260,000 square kilometers (100,000 sq mi).

In phytogeography, the Sonoran Desert is within the Sonoran Floristic province of the Madrean Region of southwestern North America, part of the Holarctic realm of the northern Western Hemisphere.

The desert contains a variety of unique endemic plants and animals, notably, the saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea) and organ pipe cactus (Stenocereus thurberi).

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