Hike in the Bavarian Forest – Bodenmais, Germany

Hike in the Bavarian Forest – Bodenmais, Germany

Bodenmais is a municipality in the district of Regen in Bavaria in Germany. We stayed in Bodenmais in the Bavarian Forest for a few days.

In this area we did several hikes.

The first point was the Riesloch Falls (Rieslochfälle). It is located northeast of Bodenmais and is the largest in the Bavarian Forest. It took us a little longer to reach the waterfall since we had to take photos and film.

On the 2nd day we started to the Altnussberg castle ruins (Altnußberg) from the Gumpenried-Asbach train station along comfortable and idyllic forest roads up to the castle ruins.

The 3rd day gave us another waterfall: the Hochfall (Hochfall Wasserfall). The second largest waterfall in the Bavarian Forest plunges a few meters into an almost circular pool of water.

Video Source: Rund um Bodenmais from zoomimmotion on Youtube  CC BY

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