Het Lutterzand, Netherlands – Nature Music Video

Het Lutterzand, Netherlands – Nature Music Video

The Lutterzand is a natural monument and recreational area.

The forest area in Twente lies between De Lutte and Denekamp and is characterized in terms of landscape by the capricious stream valley of the small river Dinkel, which has been able to maintain its natural meandering course here to this day.

The stream valley of the Dinkel has been included in the Habitat Directive as Dinkelland. The Lutterzand is considered a provincial geological monument because you can see the profile of the earth layers of the last 15,000 years. At the ‘green tail’ the development of a meander in an inner bend of the Dinkel river is visible. The bank of the outer bend is formed by a steep wall several meters high.

The mixed forest area of the estate shows a varied vegetation of old and young windswept pines next to plots of heather and juniper on old sand drifts. The characteristic fauna in the area includes the kingfisher, bank swallow, nightjar, black and spotted woodpecker, buzzard and cormorant.

The area has traditionally been attractive for day tourism and is opened up to visitors by the Lutterzandweg, which crosses the Dinkel via the Kribbebrug bridge a few kilometers from De Lutte. The walking and cycling area is open all year round. Among the tourist facilities are several campsites and some catering establishments.

Video Source: Het Lutterzand from Christ Grootzwagers on YoutubeCC BY

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