Great Crested Tern – Natural Bird Sound

Great Crested Tern – Natural Bird Sound

The greater crested tern, also called crested tern or swift tern, is a tern in the family Laridae that nests in dense colonies on coastlines and islands in the tropical and subtropical Old World.

The body length is 43 to 53 cm. Iris dark brown. Mouth greenish yellow. Feet black. Androgynous.

The breeding feathers are white on the forehead, neck, and below the chest, black from the top to the back of the head, with crest feathers, gray on the back and two wings, and gradually gray on the ends of the two wings.

The non-breeding feathers are similar to the breeding feathers, but the top of the head becomes white and black with fine lines, and only the black crest remains behind the head.

The sub-adult beak is flesh-colored or green-yellow, and the feet gradually evolve from flesh-colored to green-yellow and black.

Widely distributed in southern Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and other geographical areas.

Video Source: 大鳳頭燕鷗(鳳頭燕鷗)/Great Crested Tern from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY

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