Golden-crested Myna – Natural Bird Sound

Golden-crested Myna – Natural Bird Sound

The golden-crested myna is a species in the starling and myna family, Sturnidae.

The body length is 20-23 cm. Iris brown, naked skin around the eyes, pink. The mouth is orange-red, and the base of the mouth is light blue. Feet flesh.

The top of the male bird’s head is golden yellow, and the back of the eyes, shoulders, back, wings and tail feathers are black. The base of the primary flight feathers is yellow and the outer edge is white. Chin, throat bright yellow, black below abdomen.

The female bird resembles the male bird, but the golden area on the top of the head is smaller.

India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and China’s Yunnan, Guangdong and other places.

Its main habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forest, but it is also found in heavily degraded former forest.

Video Source: 金冠樹八哥/Golden-crested Myna from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY

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