First Snow Fall in Gwanghallu – Namwon, South Korea

First Snow Fall in Gwanghallu – Namwon, South Korea

Namwon is a city in North Jeolla Province, South Korea. Namwon is about 50 minutes from the provincial capital of Jeonju, which is almost three hours away from Seoul.

The official city flower is Royal Azalea (철쭉) while the city tree is the crape-myrtle (배롱나무) and the city bird is the swallow (제비).

Namwon is a small city located just outside Jirisan National Park, which has the largest set of mountains on the South Korean Mainland. It also borders the Seomjin River, one of South Korea’s more prominent rivers.

It is 3 hours and 15 minutes from the Seoul Central City Bus Terminal (via direct bus) and about one hour from both the U-Square Bus Terminal in Gwangju and the Jeonju Inter City Bus Terminal (depending on traffic).

It is called “the City of Love” because of the famous Korean love story of Chunhyang. Gwanghallu Garden is a shrine to this love story.

I went to Gwanghallu on the first snowy day.

Like Chunhyang and Lee Mongryong’s first meeting, the first snow fell on Gwanghallu. It is said that ‘Gwanghan’ in Gwanghalru means the palace of the moon.

Gwanghallu is a garden where the world view of the gods and the view of the heavenly universe are well expressed.

Lakes were created on both sides of the east and west sides of Gwanghallu Pavilion to symbolize the Milky Way.

In the pond, they made a three-sindo symbolizing the three gods, planted bamboo on one island and lily-of-the-valley on the other.

It is said that a coalition was built on the other island.

In addition, a lotus flower was planted in the center and an Ojakgyo bridge was placed across the pond.

said to have been

In addition to this building, Gwanghallu has annexed buildings such as Yeongjugak, Bangjangjeong, and Wanwoljeong.

It is also the main setting for the classic novel Chunhyangjeon.

I hope that you will spend a healing time looking at the beautiful buildings and nature of Gwanghallu, designated Treasure No. 281.

Video Source: 첫눈 보러 갈래? 남원 광한루 / Wanna go see the first snow? , Namwon Gwanghallu from Missing Hertz on YoutubeCC BY

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