Fairy Pitta – Natural Bird Sound

Fairy Pitta – Natural Bird Sound

The fairy pitta is a small and brightly colored species of passerine bird in the family Pittidae. Its diet mainly consists of earthworms, spiders, insects, slugs, and snails.

Body length 16 to 20 cm. Iris brown. Mouth black. Feet red.
Males and females are roughly the same shape and color. The central line on the head is black, the sides are chestnut brown, the eyeliner is thick and black, it extends from the base of the mouth to the back of the neck, the eyebrow line above the eyeliner is creamy yellow, and it extends to the back of the head, the throat is white, the chest and abdomen are light yellow brown, and the center of the abdomen and Undertail coverts bright red. The back and wings are emerald green, with small coverts on the wings and light blue glossy patches on the tail.

Breed in Japan, Korea, eastern and southeastern China, Taiwan and other places. In winter, they migrate to southern China, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, and Vietnam to escape the cold.

Video Source: 八色鳥(八色鶇)/Fairy Pitta from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY

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