Exploring the Greek Island of Naxos – Travel Video

Exploring the Greek Island of Naxos – Travel Video

Naxos is a Greek island and the largest of the Cyclades island group in the Aegean Sea. The largest town and capital of the island is Chora or Naxos City. The main villages are Filoti, Apiranthos, Vivlos, Agios Arsenios, Koronos and Glynado.

Naxos is a popular tourist destination, with several ruins. It has a number of beaches, such as those at Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios, Alikos, Kastraki, Mikri Vigla, Plaka, and Agios Georgios, most of them near Chora.

As other cycladic islands, Naxos is considered a windy place perfect for windsurfing, as well as kitesurfing. There are seven sports clubs in the island that offer both of these sports and other water activities.

In this video we will see with you the island of Naxos in 24 hours.

This unassuming Greek island maybe not as popular as its neighbors: Santorini and Mykonos, but many end up you’re favorite Greek Island in the end.

Video Source: The perfect day in Naxos, Greece (this is one island you NEED to visit!) from The Conscious Dreamers on Youtubes  CC BY

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