Driving in Hamburg – Eißendorf to Elbbrücken

Driving in Hamburg – Eißendorf to Elbbrücken

Eißendorf is a quarter of Hamburg, Germany, in the borough of Harburg.

The Elbbrücken (Elbe bridges) are several independent bridge structures crossing the river Elbe in Hamburg.

In particular, the term refers to several parallel railroad and road bridges over River Elbe in central Hamburg, divided into Norderelbbrücken (Northern Elbe bridges) and Süderelbbrücken (Southern Elbe bridges). They emerged from the first crossings over River Elbe, and today, due to the low headroom, form a barrier east of the Port of Hamburg which can’t be passed by sea ships. Today, especially the Norderelbbrücken are considered a landmark of Hamburg.

Video Source: Driving in Hamburg *[Eißendorf ➡️ Elbbrücken]* from Renato Atzeni on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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