Dahab, Egypt – Short Travel Video

Dahab, Egypt – Short Travel Video

Dahab (دهب, “gold”) is a small Egyptian town on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, approximately 80 km (50 mi) northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Dahab can be divided into three major parts. Masbat, which includes the Bedouin village of Asalah, is in the north. South of Masbat is Mashraba, which is more touristic and has considerably more hotels. In the southwest is Medina which includes the Laguna area, famous for its excellent shallow-water kite- and windsurfing.

Scuba diving, free-diving and snorkelling are also popular activities with many reefs immediately adjacent to waterfront hotels.

Land-based activities include rock climbing, camel riding, horse riding, cycling, mountain biking trips, jeep and quad bike trips. Mount Sinai is a two-hour drive, with Saint Catherine’s Monastery being a popular tourist destination.

Video Source: Dahab, Egypt ► Video guide, 4 min. | 4K from Sunny Side Traveller on Youtube  CC BY

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