Colorado Moose – Walden, CO, US

Colorado Moose – Walden, CO, US

The Town of Walden is the Statutory Town that is the county seat, the most populous community, and the only incorporated municipality in Jackson County, Colorado, United States.

It is situated in the center of a large open valley called North Park.

Isolated North Park, a high mountain valley encompassing Jackson County, requires resilience from those who choose to live here. It is a place where rugged ways of life have endured the test of time.

Often spotted browsing among the willows of North Park, visitors can honestly see moose anywhere in Jackson County, including downtown Walden!

Encircled by mountain ranges, North Park is a secluded and pristine region. Much like the early explorers, visitors today find room to roam.

Moose, antelope, deer, elk, big horn sheep, and black bear abound, beaver and fish thrive in our waters, and great flocks of migrating waterfowl pass through every autumn and spring.

Video Source: Colorado Moose from New Mexico Outdoor Sports Guide – NMOSG on Youtube CC BY

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