Chinese Fan Palms as Houseplants

This is an in-depth guide to keeping Chinese Fan Palms as houseplants. A lot of what is discussed in this video is applicable to most houseplants, with plant care suggestions such as: keeping foliage clean, rotating plants for even growth, and avoiding fertilizing during the resting season which are fall and winter. Growing palms in the home as houseplants has varying degrees of difficulty. I personally feel the Chinese Fan Palm ( Livistona chinensis ) is one of the easier palms for growing indoors as long as they are provided enough light and warmth. While not the absolute easiest palm to grow indoors, I’d say it is easier than a Majesty palm, but more difficult than a kentia palm tree or even a bamboo palm. These houseplants are fully capable of taking full sun from a smaller size, however avoid direct sun until they are a couple feet tall, or acclimate them slowly. On average, in the home these houseplants range from about three to seven feet tall and will have a wide footprint. The gorgeous yellow-green foliage combined with weeping habit of the outer edges of their foliage makes them a gorgeous plant to have in a bright sunny room. In comparison to another common houseplant, these fan palms remind me a lot of Fiddle Leaf Figs ( Ficus lyrata ) with their behaviors and needs. Just like the fiddle leaf fig they can take a lower amount of light, but the care and outcome (growth) will be different than if they receive high light which is what they will really prefer in the long run. Overall a moderately easy to grow houseplant that I think are worth giving a try if someone wants a houseplant with a bold impact in the home and garden.

Video Source: Chinese Fan Palms as Houseplants | In Depth Discussion from Tropical Plant Party on YoutubeCC BY