Autumn Walk in Shanghai – Yangpu Park

Autumn Walk in Shanghai – Yangpu Park

Yangpu Park (杨浦公园) is located in the middle of Yangpu District, Shanghai.

After 1952, new villages such as Changbai, Jianjiang, Fengcheng and Anshan were built in the vicinity one after another. In order to provide a recreational place for the surrounding residents, Shanghai Municipal People’s Government decided to build a park here.

In November 1956, 124,700 square meters of land was first requisitioned for initial construction.

The park was built in early 1957 and was opened on January 24, 1958.

The whole park covers an area of 223,600 square meters in 2003.

The overall layout of the park simulates the landscape of West Lake in Hangzhou. Garden buildings and plants, bridges, pavilions and corridors form various scenic spots.

Video Source: 【爱上海】 初冬 在上海杨浦公园闲逛 \4K from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube

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