Autumn Walk along Taiyuan Road in Shanghai

Autumn Walk along Taiyuan Road in Shanghai

Taiyuan Road (太原路) is a road located in the northeast of Xuhui District, Shanghai, starting from Fenyang Road in the north and ending at Zhaojiabang Road in the south. The total length is 990 meters.

The road was built in 1918-1921, and named Route Delastre after a French expatriate in Shanghai. The name was changed to Taiyuan Road (Taiyuan in Shanxi Province) in the 32nd year of the Republic of China.

It was once home to one of the four largest stamp markets in China, Taiyuan Road Stamp Exchange Market, with over 200 booths. In 1997, it was moved to Yunzhou Commercial Building on Damuqiao Road.

Taiyuan Villa on Taiyuan Road was once inhabited by General Marshall, and was once named Marshall Villa. After liberation, Mao Zedong lived here and Jiang Qing also loved Taiyuan Villa, which was later used to host international celebrities.

Video Source: Road built during the former French Concession in Shanghai: Taiyuan Road \4K from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube

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