Autumn Walk along Fenyang Road in Shanghai

Autumn Walk along Fenyang Road in Shanghai

Fenyang Road (汾阳路), known as Route Pichon between 1902-1943, was once a street in the French Concession of Shanghai. The road runs roughly north-south, from Huaihai Zhong Road (Huaihai Middle Road) in the north to Taojiang Road in the south.

Fenyang Road is a short street in Shanghai, with a total length of 815 meters.

Because the Shanghai Conservatory of Music is located here, this road is also called the music road in Shanghai by the citizens. This street is dotted with various musical instrument rooms selling all kinds of musical instruments.

At the corner of Fenyang Road and Huaihai Middle Road is the Shanghai Opera House.

There are some resting places along the street, where the tired citizens can take a break and enjoy the scenery along the street. The paulownia trees in Shanghai are starting to slowly turn yellow with the arrival of late autumn, and the streets of Shanghai are at their more beautiful.

Video Source: Walking around the Shanghai Conservatory of Music \4K from SHANGHAI DIVINE BEAST on Youtube

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