Zhengyiguan Taoist Temple near Mount Longhu – Jiangxi, China

Zhengyiguan Taoist Temple near Mount Longhu – Jiangxi, China

Mount Longhu known as one the birthplaces of Taoism in Jiangxi Province, China.

Zhang Ling, courtesy name Fuhan, was an Eastern Han Dynasty Taoist figure. He is also known as Zhang Daoling, Celestial Master Zhang, Ancestral Celestial Master or Zhengyi Zhenren to Taoists.

In order to promote Taoism and worship the ancestors, the fourth generation of celestial master Zhang Sheng came to Longhu Mountain from Sichuan. The temple was built a temple in the place where Zhang Daoling was alchemy, called the “Ancestral Temple”, which is the predecessor of Zhengyiguan . Zhang Sheng also repaired the ancient altar and Danzao site of the ancestor Celestial Master, and lived there. This has become a place for alchemy and cultivation of ancient Celestial Masters.

The temple has been damaged and rebuilt several times, and its name has been changed many times. The name “Zhengyiguan” and it is still in use today. However, the historical Zhengyiguan was burned to ashes by the Kuomintang garrison in 1947. The current Zhengyiguan was built in 2000 on the site of the destroyed Zhengyiguan in accordance with the architectural style of the Song Dynasty. The whole building is simple and elegant, with majestic momentum.

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