Walking in Shanghai – Yueyang Road

I started from the four-way intersection of Pushkin Square and walked along Yueyang Road (Yueyang Rd). The street looked particularly comfortable in the morning. The phoenix trees on both sides of Yueyang Road have branches and leaves extending to the middle of the road, densely overlapping, like a long canopy, sheltering this road.

There are many celebrities’ residences on Yueyang Road, such as the former residences of Mei Foo Taipan and Sassoon at No. 45 Yueyang Road, the former residence of Song Ziwen at No. 145 Yueyang Road, the former residence of Tung Oil King Shen Ruizhou at No. 113 Yueyang Road, etc. The Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is also on Yueyang Road.


Yueyang Road (From intersection of Yueyang Rd and Dongping Rd, Taojiang Rd to intersection of Yueyang Rd and Zhaojiabang Rd)

Xuhui District, Shanghai

Video Source: 梧桐如盖:岳阳路\漫步在上海\上海街道\ SHANGHAI STREET SCENE\上海の街を散策 from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY