Walking in Shanghai – Kangping Road

Kangping Road (Kangping Rd) was originally called Route Magniny Marcel. In 1922, there were three natural villages on this plot-Xujiazhai, Yuanjiazhai and Zhoujiazhai.

In the 1930s, the population of Chinese and foreigners in the French Concession surged. Housing and transportation problems are becoming increasingly prominent, and Kangping Road was built under this situation.

In 1943, the Wang Jingwei regime changed its name to Kangping Road when it received the French Concession in Shanghai.

After 1949, Kangping Road was famous for the office of the Shanghai Committee of the Communist Party of China (165 Kangping Road, referred to as Kangban), and was known as “Shanghai Zhongnanhai”.

Along the road is a famous residential area in Shanghai, where many Chinese political and business celebrities have lived.

Xuhui District, Shanghai

Video Source: 漫步在上海:康平路Walking in Kangping Road\姚明小时候生活过的街道\上海街景\ SHANGHAI STREET SCENE\今日上海SHANGHAI TODAY from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY