Walk in Shanghai – Jiujiang Road

Jiujiang Road is located in the Huangpu District of Shanghai. From Nanjing West Road in the west to Zhongshan East 1st Road in the east.

The eastern section of Jiujiang Road was known as the “Wall Street of China”, with a concentration of foreign banks and foreign firms during the Concession era. In the first half of the 20th century, American-owned Citibank and Chase Bank, Japanese-owned Mitsui Bank, Mitsubishi Bank and Sumitomo Bank, Dutch-owned Andersen Bank, and German-owned Dewar Bank all opened in the eastern section of Jiujiang Road. The Chinese-funded Overseas Chinese Bank and Ju Xing Cheng Bank are also located here.

In the west section of Jiujiang Road, there are many fashion stores.

Huangpu District, Shanghai

Video Source:【4K. Shanghai】The old streets of Shanghai\”Wall Street of China”:Jiujiang Road九江路 from 走遍上海\Travel around Shanghai on Youtube ⁄ CC BY