Walk in Shanghai – Jianghu Market

Walk in Shanghai – Jianghu Market

Ruihong World (Rui Hong Tiandi; 瑞虹天地), presents Jianghu Market on the North Bund.

Raffles City Bazaar, which is located on the ground floor was a hotspot when it opened, with people coming and going.

Jianghu Market is located on the fifth floor of the mall, where there is also the largest sky dome in Shanghai.

The market is small, presented in the shape of a “T”, and the overall color is desert. A camel at the entrance suggests, this is the castle of the desert, the Dragon Inn in martial arts novels is essential.

The whole bazaar attracts the attention of the characters in Stephen Chow’s martial arts movie “Kung Fu”, and the cover of the movie we used is the bag lady in “Kung Fu”, so think how you will feel when you dine in such a bazaar full of rivers and lakes.

Video Source: Shanghai Travel 走,去武侠小说中的江湖集市看看 \ China streets \上海の街 \4K from WuWa Vision on YoutubeCC BY