Walk in Shanghai – Green Area of Qiantan Avenue

Walk in Shanghai – Green Area of Qiantan Avenue

Today, I’m walking around the green area near the Huangpu River on the Qiantan Avenue (前滩大道; Front Beach Avenue), which is also part of the Huangpu River connection project in Shanghai.

The Qiantan green area has been completed a few years ago. It is also a land planned by the Shanghai government. In the future, this place will become the second Lujiazui in Shanghai.

Shanghai’s real estate industry will belong to the Qiantan plot. In the next phase of the video, we will take everyone to the Qiantan plot to see the real estate under construction there.

Pudong New District, Shanghai

Video Source:【4K. Shanghai】Front Beach Park by the Huangpu River前滩 \ 上海の街 from WuWa Vision on Youtube ⁄ CC BY

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