Walk in Meissen, Germany

Walk in Meissen, Germany

Meissen (Meißen) is a town 25 km (16 mi) northwest of Dresden on both banks of the Elbe river in the Free State of Saxony, in eastern Germany.

Meissen is the home of Meissen porcelain, the Albrechtsburg castle, the Gothic Meissen Cathedral and the Meissen Frauenkirche.

Meissen is sometimes known as the “cradle of Saxony”. It grew out of the early West Slavic settlement of Misni inhabited by the Glomacze tribe and was founded as a German town by King Henry the Fowler in 929.

We start our one hour walking tour of Meissen at the market square. There we see the Gothic Meissen Cathedral and the Meissen Town Hall.

On this evening we walk all around the old town, see the Elbe river and even head out of the town center to judge the size a bit better. Back in the town we see the Albrechtsburg, which is Late Gothic and early Renaissance castle (1471-1495).

Video Source: Walking in MEISSEN / Germany 🇩🇪- 4K 60fps (UHD) from POPtravel on Youtube CC BY