Walk along Guangdong Road, Shanghai

Walk along Guangdong Road, Shanghai

Guangdong Road (Kanton Road) is a street in Huangpu District, Shanghai. From Xizang Middle Road in the west to Zhongshan East 1st Road in the east.

Guangdong Road was once known as the five-horse road on the Shanghai Bund, where several major functional streets of Shanghai were gathered, such as the rare antique market in Shanghai, the most famous beauty street in Shanghai, the most complete street of teaching and tutoring books in Shanghai, and the historical style street that was never widened in Shanghai.

Of course, it is also a food street, with the old Dexing Pavilion and many special snack stores; there are also famous schools, as well as full of blood “cattle and sheep street” called, Guangdong Road rich prosperity, at that time can be compared with Nanjing Road pedestrian street.

Nowadays, the street is changing, as the residents along the street are gradually moved out of the area due to urban development, and the prosperity of the street is slowly dissipating.

Huangpu District, Shanghai

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