Tawny Fish Owl – Natural Bird Sound

Tawny Fish Owl – Natural Bird Sound

The tawny fish owl is a fish owl species in the family known as typical owls, Strigidae.

Features: 58 cm in length. The iris is yellow. The mouth is black. Feet are grayish yellow. The head, neck, ear feathers, abdomen are yellowish brown, and the eyes and throat are white. The back is brownish-yellow, with dark brown vertical stripes. Wings have yellowish-brown horizontal spots.

Due to its wide geographical distribution, it is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.

Distribution: Himalayan foothills, central and southern China, northern Indochina Peninsula, Taiwan.

Video Source: 黃魚鴞(黃腿漁鴞)/Tawny Fish Owl from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY