Spiaggia Cumpoltittu – Bosa, Sardinia, Italy

Spiaggia Cumpoltittu – Bosa, Sardinia, Italy

Cumpoltittu is a small beach protected on both sides by beautiful headlands that descend to the sea, topped by Mediterranean scrub.

The sandy shore consists of non-fine, compact, warm white sand, completely free of posidonia.

The sea is a beautiful turquoise-blue expanse, in which it is possible to dive in absolute tranquility given sandy seabed and crystal-clear waters. There are rocks and reefs near the two headlands where snorkeling is possible.

During the summer it gets crowded as it is not very large and is well sheltered from the winds.

The beach is located near Bosa. It is a town and comune in the province of Oristano, part of the Sardinia region of Italy. Bosa is situated about two-thirds of the way up the West Coast of Sardinia, on a small hill, about three kilometres inland on the north bank of the Temo River.

Video Source: Spiaggia di Cumpoltittu (Bosa – Sardegna) aerial drone from Simon Ska on Youtube  CC BY

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