Snow Wheeling – Mt Baker, Washington, US

Snow Wheeling – Mt Baker, Washington, US

Snow wheeling is not for everyone and lots of caution should be taken when planning these trips. But with the right gear and people around you these are an outstanding way to experience offroad culture.

We definitely find what we are looking for, but we also end up have a few accidents. Not all snow is created equal, and when temperatures hover around freezing it makes for very slick conditions. The Colder the snow, the better the traction in most cases.

The coldest it got up there was 30 deg F so the hills were pretty challenging. That said, everyone is OK!

Just some dented bumpers and broken fairleads. It doesn’t matter who you are, we all will have an offroad fail at some point, but being prepare will dictate how you will tell the story later. I hope you enjoy the video!

Video Source: 4x4s Colide While Snow Wheeling In A Blizzard. Jeep Gladiator On 39s Finds Carnage In Deep Snow… from Dirt Lifestyle on Youtube CC BY