Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park

Sheshan, formerly known as Zose, is a pair of hills in Songjiang District in western Shanghai, China. The two hills are distinguished as East and West Sheshan, although the more important western hill is also called Sheshan on its own. East Sheshan has an elevation of 100.8 m (331 ft) and West Sheshan has an elevation of 97 m (318 ft); there is a small valley between them. The area around the two hills is a forest park.

Folklore and historical records all show that: Sheshan is named after her surname. She Shan got his name at the latest in the Song Dynasty, but initially before the Han Dynasty.

Sheshan is in the vicinity of Sheshan Station on Line 9 of the Shanghai Metro.

Songjiang District, Shanghai

Video Source: 佘山国家森林公园Sheshan National Forest Park\漫步在上海\上海街道\ SHANGHAI STREET SCENE\上海の街を散策 from WUWA VISION on Youtube ⁄ CC BY