Seaside from Above – Hyuga City, Miyazaki, Japan

Hyuga is a port city in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. The city was founded on the 1st of April, 1951, with the joint merger of Tomishima Town and Iwawaki Village.

On the 25st of February, 2006, the town of Togo (from Higashiusuki District) was merged into Hyuga.

Hyuga is a port city known for the production of Go stones and for beaches, many of which are popular surfing spots.

Video Source: 美々津大橋 ?とJR鉄橋 ? ちょっとだけ空撮 ? ドローン撮影 ? 宮崎県日向市 from 大空夢飛行 on Youtube ⁄ CC BY