Seascape Photography – Roche’s Point Lighthouse, Ireland

Seascape Photography – Roche’s Point Lighthouse, Ireland

Roche’s Point Lighthouse is situated at the entrance to Cork Harbour, Ireland. A lighthouse was first established on 4 June 1817 to guide ships into Cork Harbour.

The original tower was deemed too small and in 1835 was replaced by the larger present tower which is 49 feet high with a diameter of 12 feet.

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I head out to capture some shots, then realise that my plan is flawed as not only is the light harsh, but I are also shooting directly into the sun.

This adventure is a challenge but one that I still enjoyed and managed to bag a couple of shots regardless.

Video Source: Is it POSSIBLE to bag some shots in HARSH light ? from Darren J Spoonley Photography on Youtube  CC BY