Morning Walk in Chinatown – New York, US

Morning Walk in Chinatown – New York, US

Did you know that the New York Chinatown not only is one of the oldest but also most populated Chinatown in the world? Today’s population is estimated between 70,000 and 150,000. Chinatown is famous with locals for some of the best Dim Sum Restaurants and intriguing stores that often sell things you won’t find anywhere else. The touristy souvenir stores and the bag and watch sellers at the corner street might be the most advertised image of Chinatown, but to think of this neighborhood just as a mere tourist trap would be such a shame. You can risk losing exploring New York History, anecdotes, original architecture, local specialty small businesses, and more. Chinatown is rich in history. Here, you can still see many original buildings dating back to the early 1800s.

Today, we walk together 1-Mile around a few of the most historic Chinatown streets. During the video, you will find some fun-facts and anecdotes pop-up.

Morning made this walk a very quiet adventure. Turn the volume up and you will hear the unusual “silence of these streets” paired with chirping birds and distant voices of the few passers-by.

▫ 0:55​ Walk along Doyers Street (John Wick)
▫ 1:53​ Walk along Pell Street (Dim Sum & History)
▫ 3:22​Walk along Mott Street (Lanterns, Fan Facts & History)
▫ 7:20​ Walk along Canal Street (Fruit & Veggie Stands)
▫ 8:30​ Walk along Mulberry Street (Fish Store)
▫ 10:59​ Walk inside Columbus Park
▫ 13:50​ “The Tombs”
▫ 16:00​ Transfiguration Church

Video Source: [4K] 1-Mile Walk in NYC CHINATOWN (Empty) // Explore NYC BLOCK-BY-BLOCK // Walk for Charity from Around NYC with Irene on Youtube CC BY