Hermit’s Cave, Cratcliffe, Nine Stones Close, Robin Hood’s Stride – UK Hike

Hermit’s Cave, Cratcliffe, Nine Stones Close, Robin Hood’s Stride – UK Hike

Hermit’s Cave, Cratcliffe Rocks, Nine Stones Close Stone Circle and Robin Hood’s Stride are all located in one place in the UK. These four incredible spots are packed with history and offer stunning views.

Located in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, Hermit’s Cave is a small sandstone cave that has been carved out of a cliff face. The cave is believed to date back to the 12th century when it was used as a hermitage. Legend has it that a hermit named Saint John of Beverley once lived in the cave, using it as a place of solitude and contemplation.

Cratcliffe Rocks is a stunning outcropping of gritstone that rises above the surrounding landscape. The rocks have been shaped by thousands of years of erosion and offer breathtaking views of the countryside below. The area has been inhabited for thousands of years, and there is evidence of Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Iron Age settlements in the area.

Nine Stones Close is a prehistoric stone circle located on Harthill Moor in Derbyshire. The circle consists of nine standing stones arranged in an oval shape, only four remain and it is believed to date back to the Bronze Age. The purpose of the circle is not known, but it is thought to have been used for religious or ceremonial purposes.

Robin Hood’s Stride is a distinctive rock formation that towers above the surrounding landscape. Legend has it that the rocks were named after the famous outlaw, who was said to have leapt across the gap between the two rocks to escape from the Sheriff of Nottingham. In reality, the rocks were most likely formed by weathering and erosion over millions of years.

Video Source: Off the Beaten Path: Peak District | 5K Cinematic Solo Hiking Film | DJI Air 2S | UK Travel Vlog from Papa Bear Adventures CC BY