Guandu Nature Park – Taipei, Taiwan

Guandu Nature Park (關渡自然公園) is a park in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

The wetland within the area was saved from being turned into a stadium in 1996 due to the protest from civic groups. After 10 years of planning, the nature park was established in 2001. On 1 December 2001, the Taipei City Government trusted the Wild Bird Society of Taipei to manage the park.

The park spans over an area of 57 hectares in a low-laying area of Taipei Basin at the junction of Keelung River and Tamsui River. It is divided into four areas, namely main area, core reserve area, outdoor observational area and sustainable management area. The park primarily consists of freshwater ponds, brackish ponds, swamps, rice fields and mounds.

The park is home to more than 830 animal species and around 230 bird species have been observed in the area. This wetland is categorized as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International.

The park features wooden trails, bird watching pavilions, nature center etc. The 2-story nature center serves as the information and education center of the park as well as exhibition center, research center and service center. The ground floor consists of auditorium, biological display, presentation room and gift shop. The upper floor consists of bird watching observatory, special exhibition area, classroom and refreshment area. It regularly holds guided tours, multimedia shows, special exhibitions, lectures, tutorials and consultations.

The park regularly holds the annual Taipei International Bird-Watching Fair since 1999 and also the Guandu International Nature Art Festival.

Video Source: 4K / WALKER / Taipei Guandu Nature Park walking / Vlog Day 23 from Caishin Walker Vlog on Youtube ⁄ CC BY